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Driver’s Medical in Toronto

Before applying for any job in Ontario, especially at the Ministry of Transportation, there is a medical form that needs to be completed by a licensed physician: The Drivers Medical. This must be done before moving on to the next step in your career! But getting these tedious forms done can be exhausting. Another obstacle. We get it. It’s frustrating.

But let our team at Town Care Medical Clinic be your one-stop shop for your Driver Medical needs! Our efficient team is able to complete your entire form in one visit! You will be triaged (full vitals, Snellen eye check & urine collection), a licensed physician will review your entire medical history as well as perform a full physical exam (as per the Ministry’s regulation). All of this, at the low inclusive price of $130. Let us help you today. Come in at your earliest convenience and we look forward to meeting you soon 😊.

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