Free Home Delivery
We are now Offering Free Home Delivery for your prescription medications through Town Care Pharmacy!

Free Local Delivery

Your convenience is important to us. We offer free delivery of your medications in Scarborough, Toronto, Pickering and Ajax area.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Come to us, check your blood pressure with an accurate Blood Pressure Monitor. Talk to our physicians if there is any concern. It is important to keep your Blood Pressure under control.

Diabetic Supplies

In addition to your prescribed medications, we offer you Blood Sugar Monitor, Counseling and any supplies needed to help you control your Diabetes.

Free Vaccine Administration

We can administer your vaccines at no cost. This includes Travel vaccinations, Shingles Vaccine and seasonal Flu shot.

Free Meds Check

We offer you medication review session to go over your medications to make sure there is no interaction or issue in your medication regimen and to answer your questions.

And More!

Our friendly staff value your time with fast service. We offer you services that we choose for our own family.