Primary Services

Immediate Care

Since Town Care Medical Walk-In Clinic opened, our patients have depended on us to provide this valuable service. As a pillar of the medical options we offer, this service is comprehensive, fully personalized and administered by our team members who specialize in this type of care. To learn more or ask questions, simply reach out.

Pediatric Care

Through this service and our many others, Town Care Medical Walk-In Clinic provides the high quality, personalized care you deserve. With our experienced team and the best treatments available, you can rest assured that your health is in the best of hands. Contact us with any questions or simply to learn more about our services. (note: Not a pediatrician clinic).


 We have a convenient in-house pharmacy so you can see your physician and have your prescription filled all in the same visit!

Other Services

Sexual Health (STI) Testing

We provide STI testing and treatment. This includes blood and urine testing for common STIs including Gonorrhea and Chlamydia , and rare STIs including HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis

Contraception Counselling and Prescribing

 Not ready to have a baby anytime soon? Speak to one of our doctors about the many contraceptive options available that suits you


We offer newborn circumcisions by appointment.

Pap Testing

Are you a female over the age of 21? Its recommended to have Pap testing done performed every 3 years. Ask to book with one of our female physicians to make sure you are being screened for cervical cancer!


We provide all vaccinations including: pediatric vaccinations , Tetanus, HPV, Shingles, Influenza (Flu), and other travel medicine related vaccines such as Hepatitis A and B

TB Skin Testing

We provide 1 and 2 step Tb skin testing for school and work placement purposes including all documentation needed

Medical Clearance Forms

We provide clearance forms for good health for school and work placements as well as sick notes if warranted and sincerely needed based on physical examination findings

Drivers Medical Exams

 We perform medical examinations and form completion for medicals for truck, bus, tractor-trailer, and emergency vehicle (e.g. ambulance and police) operators as well as taxi and limo drivers

Travel Medicine

Are you heading outside the country? We offer comprehensive travel advice catered to your destination and itinerary as well as offering necessary vaccinations and prescription medication as needed

Wart Liquid Nitrogen Treatment

Have a pesky wart on your hands or feet? We have Liquid Nitrogen available in clinic to help treat your warts and get rid of them for good!

Ear Wax Syringing

Having trouble hearing? Do you get wax buildup from time to time? Feel free to have one of our doctors take a look and flush it out for you so you can hear again good as new

Student and International Traveller Medicine

Traveling from overseas and don’t have an OHIP card? Don’t sweat it – we’ll help you see a doctor quickly with little hassle! We have direct-billing agreements with most major insurance providers

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